How to install WiFi on a computer without it?

Even if your computer is not WiFi compatible, it has a wired network card for its Internet connection. It therefore has all the necessary elements … with an extra thread. Luckily, getting rid of this thread is much easier than it looks.

No complex manipulation: just add a wireless receiving device to your PC, in other words, a simple WiFi adapter! The detail to watch out for: that your adapter offers the WiFi standard in force, the same as that offered by your router or Internet box.

WiFi adapters: USB adapters
This is the most suitable solution for laptops or netbooks. USB WiFi adapters come in all sizes and formats, down to the most compact USB sticks. All you need to do is connect the key to an available USB port to see the list of WiFi networks available in the wireless connection options.

Inexpensive, easy to move, it can offer a limited flow speed: remember to check the information when purchasing. The more elaborate versions, on the other hand, can carry a folding antenna for better reception.

WiFi adapters: PC Card, or PCMCIA
Most laptops have built-in PCMCIA readers. Unlike USB WiFi adapters, the card does not protrude from the computer, or very little. It also avoids monopolizing a USB port, and can stay in its slot as long as you want… unless you need the PC Card reader. More expensive than the USB version, these cards also offer better range of the WiFi network. Some have a folding antenna for better Internet reception.

WiFi adapters: PCI cards
Intended for desktop computers, Best PCI wireless Cards require a dedicated port inside the computer itself, on the motherboard. If this type of WiFi adapter requires you to open your PC to install it, the operation is unique: once placed, the card is integrated into the system… as if your computer had a network connection on board from the start. Only its antenna protrudes from the housing.

The connection range is also longer than in the case of USB adapters. Before selecting this wireless Internet option, simply make sure there is a PCI port on your computer’s motherboard… and you know how to change a component, or want to do so!